Our Team

Ms. Priyanka Singh, Founder & Director

Priyanka has extensively traveled and worked across a number of states in India. Her journey started with an internship opportunity in the Himalayas in 2014 which later proved to be the first step towards her passion for experiential learning through travel. “Like many young women, my first-time experience of traveling and living alone was full of fear and anxiety. We are conditioned to believe that the outside world is dangerous and we are safer in our houses. This mindset has kept us dependent on our families. I seek to build confidence and a sense of independence for women like me by providing experiential learning exposure opportunities”, she says.

Ms. Talia Meidan, Facilitator

I am in my third year at Northwestern University studying pre-medicine and Human Development and Psychological Services. Growing up in Dallas, TX, I attended a non-denominational all-girls school called The Hockaday School for 14 years. It was undoubtedly the most formative aspect of my childhood and adoloscence, shaping the way I perceive my identity as a woman. An environment of support and empowerment, Hockaday provides its students with countless resources to prepare us to take on the world by storm. As a Hockaday student, I learnt self-defense tailored specifically for women, comprehensive sex education, and how to thrive in a society that favours men both personally, politically, and professionally. BAYA is an incredible movement to provide education and give agency to Indian women, an I am so excited being a part of it.

Ms. Kabita Dahal, Facilitator

I come from Nepal and have extensively worked with various organizations working for women and child rights in Nepal and India. I specialise in life-skills training. In my last job, I had been associated with an organization, SAATHI, working towards combating violence and injustice against women and children and providing support to survivors. Currently, I'm associated as a facilitator with an organization, Manzil Mystics, based in Delhi working in the field of music, education and women empowerment for last 8 years where music is used as a tool for change. I'm really enthusiastic about the self-empowerment programs of BAYA for young Indian women where they are provided with self-awareness, life skills training, legal awareness, etc.